Gift Roundup: Totes

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I'm sure lots of you are wondering what to bring as a gift to the host of your Thanksgiving dinner. A good bet is a bottle of wine, champagne or a drink of choice paired with a tote bag! Stay tuned for more ideas on Wednesday.

Simply Gifted:  Tote roundup featuring this tote by Dallas Clayton. Easy gift idea and gift wrap idea.
Simply Gifted:  Tote roundup featuring this tote by ModCloth. Easy gift idea and gift wrap idea.

Price: $20

* All prices are approximate

Gift Roundup: Friend Moving

Every Monday I will be posting a roundup of gift ideas you can find around the Internet. These ideas will be broken down by price to fit any budget! This is meant to be a starting point. You can find several of these ideas all over and can customize them based on what you are looking for.

Under $50


(Custom Map Print)
Price: $44
A custom vintage map print is great for a friend moving to a new city or leaving one behind.

Under $25


(Uber Giftcard)
Price: $25 (Any)
This is for anyone moving to a big city. Who wouldn't want free cab rides?!

Under $15


(Key Chain)
Price: $15
This site has hilarious and awesome key chains. So many options to choose from!

Would your friend like a fun way to stay in touch? A snail mail starter kit could be perfect.
Not sure a gift is the way to go? Here are some card ideas.