Gift Roundup: Ornaments

It's a Christmas tradition in my family to gift an ornament each year. This started when my sister, Stephanie, and I were young, in hopes of starting a collection of ornaments for when we moved out. That held true and we have kept tradition. It is one of my favorite traditions and I have a lot of fun finding ornaments for each family member every year.


Simply Gifted:  Falling cats ornament by Urban Outfitters.

(Falling Cats)
Price: $10


Simply Gifted:  Sushi ornament by Urban Outfitters.

Price: $10

Simply Gifted:  Pretzel ornament by MOMA.

Price: $14.95

Simply Gifted:  Pizza ornament by Target.

(Pizza Slice)
Price: $6



Simply Gifted:  Custom state ornament pair by L2 Creative.

(Custom States)
Price: $25 for set of 2