Gift Roundup: Anniversary

Usually when I think of gifts for anniversaries, I think of experience gifts: Things you can enjoy with your significant other, whether it's exploring a new town or just trying out a new restaurant. This gift roundup is full of smaller gifts that could supplement an experience gift.

Under $50


(Custom Handprinted Wallet)
Price: $32
These wallets are gorgeous and come in a variety of colors and can be printed with anything you can think of. 

Under $25


(Eco Friendly Candle)
Price: $14-$20
These soy candles are hand poured. The best part about them is that you can plant the tag and a wildflower will grow!

Under $15


(Handcrafted Soap)
Price: $10
This soap almost looks too good to use. I'm a fan of this company and want to try so many of these handcrafted soaps.

Having trouble thinking of an anniversary gift? Check out this wall art made from old CD covers!
Trying to find a small anniversary gift? The gift roundup has you covered.